Friday, March 30, 2012

The not-so-glamourous side of crafting

To say that project-ing is always fun would be a total fib.  When tiling, painting, gluing, etc there is usually a moment when I want to give up or take short cuts.  Usually crafting has a lower frustration level, but this project is really giving me trouble.
This is my annoyed face.

Not even close!
Last week, I showed you the lights I want to make.  The cootie catcher light seemed like the easiest one to make.  As far as difficulty level, it is actually quite easy.  Too bad it's taking forever!  I started this project last weekend at Ladies Craft Day, and made about 50 cootie catchers which I glued on the paper lamp.

After craft day, I spent a few more hours making cootie catchers and glued them on.  I made a bunch more and then took the top picture.  I'm not even close!  I just keep saying to myself "this will be cool...this will be cool...I really, really hope this will be cool..."

I'll show you it as soon as it done.  Whenever that is.

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