Thursday, March 15, 2012


    I am an avid blog reader.  I don't read a ton of different ones, but I read a few that post often and give lots of ideas.  On the sidebar, you can find a list of some blogs that I like.
    I am also VERY interested in lighting.  I could look at lighting options for hours at a time.  So it makes perfect sense to me that I would have three DIY lighting projects that have been semi-started.
After the jump are the links to and pictures of my inspiration.

Mason Jar Chandelier from Kara Paslay Designs with a complete tutorial.
I'm just missing a few supplies and then I'm ready to get started.  I'm hoping to put this in either my dining room or my second bedroom.

Bubble Ball Chandelier from Swing 'n Cocoa with lots of great pictures.  This is a cool blog.  I think this will probably win for dining room light.

Lastly, a Cootie Catcher Paper Lantern from The 3 R's Blog.  I love it! I love it!  Now, where to put it?  I have about 25 cootie catchers already folded.  Plus, I have so many paper lanterns left over from our wedding.  So this will be a cheap and easy project!

You can click any of the links for a full tutorial and a lot more pictures.  Soon, I will have full tutorials and pics of where I hung them.  Well, hopefully soon...

What can I say?  I really love lighting.

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  1. Love the bubble ball chandelier...DO IT!! Wish I was more motivated and crafty like you..You're my hero!!