Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy way to display random things

I like to hold onto postcards that people send me, random pictures, photobooth pictures, cool advertisements, oh who am I kidding, anything visually appealing.  Because of this habit, I have a few boxes and folder just marked "Keep".  The items aren't classy enough to frame, but also are too cool for the fridge.
Here are the items that I wanted to display.  There is an awesome "Bunny" print from Tugboat Print Shop.  I have a few wedding pics,  3 post cards from the Art Institute that I liked, a postcard from the Van Gogh Museum that I sent to Mike, a great Golden Girls card from Caitlin, some photobooth strips and cool Chicago skyline card.

My friend Jen had super cool curtain rods that she used to hang polaroids.  I loved it so much, but the long hallway that I have wouldn't work for a metal rod.  They are all too short.  One day poking around Ikea, I found the perfect answer!

After the jump you can see the finished product.

I found Dignitet!  The wire made the length customizable as well as rather unimposing.  Plus it matches the stainless steel frames that I already have on the wall just below it.
Ikea Dignitet Wire Curtain rod and clips

Actually hanging the thing was a bit annoying.  I did it before I started this blog, and it was annoying enough that I decided against taking it apart and "putting it up for the first time" for you lovely readers.  I hope you understand.  As far as tools, you need wire cutters, a phillips head screw driver and a lot of patience.  I would suggest doing it with another person so they can hold things for you and pick screws up if you drop them (so many times)
Once you have the wire up, I recommend putting all of the clips near each other and hanging everything close together at first.  Rearrange things until you like the flow and then space them out.
Tah-dah!  The lighting in my hallway isn't great, so please forgive the pictures.  (I'm working on a new light, so soon the problem will be resolved)

Now for the price break down:
Dignitet Wire Curtain Rod: $12.99
Dignitet Clips:  $4.99
Lots of chotchkies: free
TOTAL COST OF PROJECT:  Less than $20 with tax

Not bad considering how much frames or other hanging options cost.
I have also seen out there on the internet people doing several rows of them and creating a whole wall of these guys.  Some people have hung kids art on them too.  It's nice because you can switch things out if you get bored without any hassle.

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