Monday, July 23, 2012

Organizing Under the Sink

    Yes, this sounds like a boring post, but wait...there is super special contact paper involved.  I was able to jazz up the space with my favorite contact paper from Target.   It's been a very crazy week and I haven't been able to post recently.  I have so many projects in the works that I am close to finishing, so stay tuned.
    Back to under the sink.   I was sick of looking under the sink and seeing a sea of paper and plastic bags to reuse or recycle.

    Ugh.  I took everything out.  We have really accumulated quite a few cleaning products over the years.  I am actively working on transitioning to homemade cleaners.  Once I get the formulas just right, I will be sure to share.  Until then, I am also trying to finish up or give away some of the chemically cleaners.

After the jump you can see how beautiful and tidy my under the sink area is now.

    After I took everything out, I started cleaning down there and realized that the super old contact put down was gross and ugly.  I started peeling it up expecting it so be easy.  Well, it wasn't and of course there was a torn up surface underneath.  Sigh.  It's nothing that some new contact paper can't fix!

    I chose the brightest contact paper that had a large print and therefore couldn't be easily used for smaller projects.  I had just the right amount to cover the space.  Ahhh, so much better already!

Tah-dah!  The tension rod holding up spray bottles and the use of beautiful contact paper were my proudest moments during this organization adventure.

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