Monday, June 4, 2012

Jazzing Up My MacBook (Semi-Tutorial)

    Ahhh!  Look at this!  Target has a relatively new line of great supplies in the kids crafting section. (Think where chalk, Crayola kits, pipe cleaners and the like would be.)  Yes, I'm 27, but clearly I like bright, fun stuff.  I'm excitable.  I have been looking at these things as well as some crazy color crayons which I plan to create at a later time.  I have been looking at the contact paper and paper tape for about two weeks.  Today was my day to purchase them.
 So naturally I wanted to stick this stuff all over everything (not exaggerating), but I opted to try it out on my MacBook.  Awesomeness follows.

After the jump you can see how great these products are!

    Here is the finished product.  I don't think you can fully appreciate how much restraint I used when decorating my laptop.  I often get a little too excited and overdo projects that involve embellishing things. (Imagine something completely bedazzled...)

 First I started by choosing my favorite tape.  I started with one strip.

     I squealed with joy and tentatively added a horizontal strip as well as some of my second favorite tape.  The green just didn't quite work, so I decided to try out the contact paper.

This is the most amazing contact paper ever!  It has design ideas as well as lines on the back. Sigh...
    So I cut out a piece that fit the area along the right side of the laptop.
    Fold over the corner of the paper and take your time placing the first corner.  From there, things should be lined up.  Be precise with the first part you place!
     From there it should be smooth sailing.  Just peel the backing off and slowly press it down.
     Slide your hand as you peel to avoid air bubbles. If you get air bubbles, just peel it up and try again.
For your reference, the contact paper is $14.99 for the 5 pack and the paper tape is $6.99 for the 9 rolls.  Not cheap, but not terrible.  Like I said, I thought for about 2 weeks if I really needed it.  After waiting, the answer was YES!

You like?

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  1. Ahh, that's so awesome. My mind is whirling with how to use this..