Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recipe: Vegetarian Pinwheels

    It's picnic and barbecue time again.  This recipe Mike whipped up while visiting Whole Foods this morning.  We took them on our day trip to the forest preserve.  They were so yummy.

After the jump you can get the recipe and pictures of the process so you, too, can enjoy them.

    Before you look at these pictures, let me say they aren't great.  I went back through all of my pictures and they were all terrible.  Here are a few of the semi-okay ones.  Or, don't look and just try the recipe. It's soooo yummy!  Now that I have gotten the disclaimer out of the way, here's the recipe!

Collect your ingredients:
-Tofurkey brand "roast beef" or some other vegetarian lunch meat substitute
-a bundle of asparagus
-1 c. of ricotta cheese (or vegan cream cheese)
-some garlic
-fresh oregano
-green onion
-salt and pepper

    Chop up your fresh oregano and garlic.  You can use as much or as little as you would like.  I really love both of those flavors so I added it liberally.  Add it to the cheese and mix it in  You can use a masher or just get in there and get down and dirty with the ricotta.

    Then, lay out three pieces of veggie-lunchmeat.  They will serve at the wrapping material.

    Spread a thin layer of the cheese mix and then lay 3 or 4 pieces of asparagus and some thinly sliced green onion.  If you don't like green onion, I think you substitute some other crunchy vegetable.

    Now, it's rolling time!  The cheese will help keep the wrap all rolled up, so if you are having trouble, add some more cheese.

    Then, using a knife with a little bit of a serrated edge, cut the roll into little sushi bites.

    Voila!  You can see in this one that the cheese isn't completely surrounding it.  I got a little better as the process continued.
    Since these were joining us on a picnic, they headed into a travel container.   Aren't they cute?  Even more importantly, they are so delicious!  You could do something similar with totally different flavor combinations.  They are a great summer finger food item.


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