Saturday, April 14, 2012

My name is Katie, and I have a Pyrex problem

   It's true.  I am really into Pyrex.  To be fair, I do a lot of cooking so I like to have amazing serving dishes.  Also, I am in charge of Thanksgiving.  I think that alone is justification for all of my Pyrex.

   I started collecting it a year ago when I went to the Kane County flea market for the first time, and have steadily added to my collection since.  "The Pyrex Lady" and I are good friends and she sets aside good stuff for me.

After the jump you can get a closer look at my favorite ones.

   I love these ones so much because of their lovely lids.  The red one is perfect for baking dips in, and gets used often.  The yellow one is pretty large, so I don't use it all the time, but I love it just the same.
   These three nesting bowls are so beautiful!  There is also a giant one with dark green dots.  That one is considered "rare" was was going for $60.  Even I can't spend that much.  The three bowls together were $15.  Not bad, eh?
  This beauty was my first purchase.  The best $5 ever!  I use it all the time, and just love the design and colors.

  You may be asking yourself, "Is she done collecting?"  No way!  But I am slowing down.  There are a few designs and colors that I really love.  Maybe next month at the flea market I will have a new one to show you.

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