Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun with Stamps

    I love stamps! I have lots of fun ones, but these ones take the cake.  They are from a wonderful company, Yellow Owl Workshop.
   I bought the cityscape stamp set on super sale at CB2 about a year ago and have used them to make stationary, stickers and other fun projects.  Then, for Christmas this year, Mike got me a rainy day set, seashore set, London set and birdy set.  Aren't they so cute?!

After the jump you can see one of my recent uses for these beauties.

I decorated my iPad cover!
Here's the whole scene.

   My dad was so amazingly nice that he gave me his iPad to use in my classroom since he didn't use it often.  I wanted to have a zooty cover, but didn't really think that I should buy a new one when my dad gave me a perfectly good one.  So why not spruce up this one?  I was a little worried about whether the stamps would stay on the surface, but I figured I should just try it.  I did this about a month ago, and it still looks good.  Maybe there is something that I could put on the surface that would really make it permanent, but I'm not sure what.  So, for now, it's perfect! 

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