Monday, March 26, 2012

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Welcome!  Here is the first house tour. There isn't a single room in the house that is totally where I want it to be, but it's come a long way so far.

Come on in!

After the jump you can see pictures of all of the rooms in our house except for the two bedrooms.  There are some projects in process.  I will also include paint colors, where we got furniture and accessories from as well as other useful information.

 We live on the far north side of Chicago on the third floor of a six flat building built in 1908.  Man, do I love our place.

Here is our entry way.  Not much to say yet, we are just getting started.

To your left, our living room.
To your right, the long hallway.

Here is the view from the couch.  My dad built a window seat in the bay window (with our help).  It is by far my favorite upgrade we have made so far.

The table is from my childhood home.  I love it so much.  Chauncy really loves to find a sunny spot in the living room and lounge all day.  

This is what you see if you are sitting at the table.   The big mirror is from Ikea, the couch from some "value" furniture place.  I can't say that I love it, but it works for now.  I'm not ready to own a classy, expensive couch quite yet.
 Another view of the Danish table and window seat.
Here is the wall opposite the fireplace.  Penny is just kickin' it, living the good life.

 Down the hallway we go.  On your left is our bathroom.  Originally it was an icky sea foam green.  Now it's so bright!  On the list of projects still to tackle, new bathroom floor tile is very high up there.  I want to do small white hexagon tile.  Sigh... I love hexagon tile so much!
Here is a better view of the sink and pipe shelves.  More information about how to make them yourself here.  I got almost all of the accessories and containers from the Kane County Flea Market from my favorite stand, "The Pyrex Lady".  We are BFF's.  Probably because I am her best customer.
And that's the bathroom.  Let's head out to the dining room, shall we?

The dining room is one shade lighter on the same paint chip.  The table and chairs are from World Market.  They were our first big purchase for our place and we got everything for over 50% off!  The bar is from CB2 as a wedding present from Mike's parents. 
 Here's another view, you can just see the kitchen.   Would you call this piece of furniture a credenza?  I'm not sure.  Either way it matches the table in the living room and is also from my childhood home.  My parents had cool stuff, eh?
Last view of the dining room before we head to the kitchen.

This space here and the big deck we will get to in a moment helped sell me on the house.  I love this built in hutch.  Behind the wall in the dining room is also exposed brick!  On our list of projects to do is tearing down the plaster wall in the dining room to get some exposed brick happening soon.
Here is the kitchen.  Some of the things we have done so far in here is paint, put in white subway tile (it was just wall before), and begun the process of making a penny countertop.
 Here's another look.
 What do you think of the yellow door?  That's pretty new.  I originally painted the kitchen peacock blue and had a white door.  About two months ago, I switched to grey walls and wanted to try a yellow door.  I'm really into it.
Here is the other side of the galley kitchen.  The penny countertop about 75% done on this side.  Too bad the other side isn't even started.

Last, but not least, here is our deck.  Arguably my favorite part of our place.  It needs some love, but it's so fantastic to have a big outdoor space.  You don't usually find decks this big in a six-flat in the city.

So, that's our crib.  The only things you haven't see are the laundry room, our bedroom, the second bedroom/office area, and the three closets.  All in good time, my friend.

I will work on adding the list of paint colors for your reference.


  1. LOVE your place. Especially that Danish dining room table. Looks amazing!

  2. OMG!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE su casa!! I love that you have stuff from "home" and have worked it in to your own personal style (although, not hard to do when your parents were SO COOL!) Kudos to all looks amazing! xoxo