Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making My Save-The-Dates

Last week, I told you about some strategies that I used that can help you figure out your style, theme, colors, general feel that will match the type of wedding you want to have.

After much deliberation, here are the save-the-dates that we made for our wedding.
The blue paper, font and photobooth pictures were the starting point
See the back and read more after the jump.

Green accents and a geometric theme rounded out the design. 

I'm looking at these after more than two years since they were made, and I still love them.  That's a good sign, I think.  There are several lessons that I learned from making these that made my formal wedding invitations much easier to make.

Save-the-date Pros:
+The colors matched the whole wedding theme.  We went with a color family (from peacock to teal to bright green) vs. choosing two distinct colors
+The photobooth theme was personal and unique
+They took care of business (shared the deets, got people pumped up for our wedding)

Save-the-date Cons:
-There were 13 pieces of paper that needed to be cut and glued to make one save-the-date.  So to make 75 of them, well, you can do the math...

Here are some of the details of how we made these:
The Font: Stereofidelic
That awesome blue paper: I happened to find it at Target, but you can find it here, too.

The rest of the materials were complied based completely on color.  I used a lot of paint chips which are totally free.  It was easy to look for the exact color you want and then grab a bunch of paint chips.  I was able to carry around "my colors" with me all the time and then cut them up and use then when I was ready.

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