Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tutorial: Washer and Ribbon Necklace

     School has been back for a month, which explains why I haven't been updating recently.  I have lots of projects in the works, but I haven't finished most of them yet.  Here is a fun 15 minute project.   Try it out and let me know how it goes!
     I love going to the local hardware store and looking for fun materials to use.  The other day I was on Pinterest and saw a cool jewelry idea.  This is cheap, easy and, most importantly, cute!  I have made two of them, but with all of the customization options (ribbon color, washer size, lengths, number of ribbons, etc) I know that I will be making many more in the future.

After the jump you can see the full tutorial.

The supplies that you need for this project are:
-about 12 washers
-about 4 feet of ribbon
-clear nail polish
-clear liquid glue (optional)
You can choose the size and number of washers based on the look you are going for.  I went with _______.  The same thing goes for the ribbon.  I used 5/8" black ribbon and 1/2" ruler ribbon from Joann Fabrics

     First, cut your ribbon and paint each end of the ribbon with clear nail polish to prevent fraying on the edges.   To start, thread your ribbon from underneath and through the first washer.

     Then, thread through a second washer from the top of the washer and go back through the hole of the first washer.

     Pull the ribbon tight between each washer that you string.

     Coming from under the washer, thread through the washer and continue to repeat the steps until you reach the desired length and look that you like.

      I am not sure the if the description makes perfect sense, but I think the pictures make it pretty clear.  The first washer necklace that I saw on Pinterest used washers along the entire length.  I liked the look of about 8 washers.

    The ribbon does move a little bit which can make each washer/ribbon combo look a little different.  To keep the ribbon in place, you can put a dab of clear glue on the first and last washer to keep the necklace looking as it does when you first make it.

Let the glue dry, tie the bow in the back and enjoy!

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