Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Summer To-Do List for the House

I have checked one thing off of my summer to-do list.  I have sorted through our glasses and given away the ones that I don't like or really don't match.  Here is the before and after of our built-in that we use to store our glasses.
I have left some space for more Guiness pint glasses and regular pint glasses.  I just couldn't stand having so many different types of glasses.  Also, I moved my mason jar storage out to this space so my pantry could become a little less full.  It's working for me so far.

I think that if I share my summer to-do list with you, I might be more likely to get a lot of it done.  So, here it goes.
-retile the bathroom with small white hexagon tile
-take down the drywall on one of the walls in the dining room to reveal the exposed brick
-put large hexagons of different opacity on the glass shower doors
-hang wooden blinds in the front room windows
-paint the back door
-paint the 2nd bedroom and try out stenciling on the wall
-seriously decorate our bedroom
-get rid of mismatched glasses and reorganize hutch
-hang a bunch of art and fun things in the hallway
-hang new curtains in the dining room
-finish the penny countertop
-put crown molding in the dining room and front room
-rehang the giant mirror about the "fireplace"
-reupholster the four chairs in the front room
-hang pegboard/desk organizer on the wall above my desk in the 2nd bedroom
-create a daybed/couch out of pallets for the 2nd bedroom
-clean/organize the garage
-find a new light fixture for the kitchen
-finish that stupid cootie catcher lamp (maybe)

I'm sure that I'm missing a few things, so I will continue to update this.  I would like to stress that this is highly ambitious for me, but I might as well keep track of what I want to do to my house somewhere.

Cheers!  May you have a highly productive week.

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